Serena Vann
The Massage Room
311 Lincoln Rd. suite 305a
I have a very distinctive touch: completely fluid while maintaining a deep, consistent pressure. My focus is on pain relief and relaxation.

By appointment only:

My massage is designed to meet your specific needs.  It combines the relaxing flow of swedish with the muscle relief and concentration of deep tissue massage.  I incorporate Thai stretches and can offer suggestions of yoga poses that can help loosen specific target areas that are causing pain or discomfort.

60 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $160
Swedish Massage:
My swedish massage moves like a continuous dance.  It flows and melts muscle pain while leaving you relaxed and rejuveinated.

Deep Tissue:
Deep tissue uses many of the same movements as Swedish massage, but the pressure is more intense and the intent is more focused.  This is my preferred modality and offers the most relief to knotted, sore, and painful muscles.

Prenatal Massage:
Being the mother of 2, I understand the discomfort and pain that can occur as a woman's body grows and changes with a developing pregnancy.  With the mother-to-be in a comfortable, side-line position, I sooth hip, back, leg and neck pain with a firm yet compassionate touch.  Massage is exceptionally powerful and effective during this time.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:
MLD is a modality that is recommended post op to aid in fluid drainage and to help reduce swelling and decrease pain. MLD is an extremely light form of bodywork that is recommended for treating:
-chronic fatigue syndrome
-post trauma or post surgury